Advertising with Segways

Segway Trip Madrid


Nowadays businesses have learnt that sometimes it is no enough to just wait for the consumer. There is a need to search for customers through innovative and creative methods. It is here that street marketing comes in.

Segway Trip now offers the possibility to use a segway as a means of promoting your products, exhibitions or events, gaining visibility for your brand or strengthening a campaign or product launch.

A segway alone will bring a lot of attention your way, therefore ensuring that your brand is 100% visible. We plan your campaign, from the design to the advertising, meaning that you do not have to worry at all. You will only have to worry about providing the service to your new clients.

Planificamos tu campaña desde el diseño hasta el arte publicitario, sin que tengas que preocuparte de nada. Solamente tendrás que preocuparte de dar servicio a tus nuevos clientes.


  • Publicity
  • Organisation of events
  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • The segway becomes a mobile stall, becoming a remarkable part of any commercial fair
  • Corporate acts
  • Exhibitions
  • Distribution of brochures, flyers, gifts, samples, etc.
  • Other means of promotion


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Booking a tour or renting a segway is very easy. You could do this for your business events or celebrations, to surprise your audience, for groups, teambuilding, birthdays, parties and every other type of celebration.

All of our experience of providing this service ensures that your money will be put to the best use. We work with the client’s budget and ideas, using our creativity, experience and knowledge of the resources. We pay attention to even the smallest details; we create and develop the event until the very last detail. We help businesses to develop every type of day, dedicated to having fun whilst encouraging cohesion amongst the teams

Creamos y desarrollamos desde el concepto hasta el último detalle de cualquier tipo de evento. Ayudamos a las empresas a desarrollar todo tipo de jornadas dedicadas a la diversión, incentivo o cohesión de sus equipos:

  • Business groups
  • Team-building
  • Travel incentives
  • Birthdays
  • Every type of celebration
  • Themed tours
  • Conventions and conferences
  • Presentations of a product
  • Workshops
  • Work breakfasts
  • Showrooms