The gastronomic offer near Segway Trip

To enjoy Madrid in a unique and unforgettable way. A Madrid segway tour, and the best cuisine near Segway Trip.

Because before or after an excursion you have to eat, right? To recharge batteries or to get energy. And the Madrid food offer his great. Especially around our premises.

We know that visiting good bars or restaurants to enjoy a beer or some tapas or paella is a fundamental part of the experience of traveling to Madrid. Therefore, we´ll recommend you the best restaurants near Segway Trip.



We start with Botin Restaurant, a classic place that you´ll love because it is the oldest restaurant in the world, as recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. If you are hungry after our Segway tours (which usually happens after the activity), here you´ll find the best Madrid wood oven roasted suckling pig. They also serve roast lamb, stewed, Botin sirloin (with mushrooms). And the desserts are worth tasting. We have tried the apple pie and it was like touching the sky!.

You’ll love it, it is a place where you can see people from all over the world and some celebrities. If you are interested, we also have a tour that combines a segway route with a meal in this place.
Cuchilleros Street, 17th.


Lugares para comer Madrid

If you are looking for a young and informal atmosphere, let yourself be seduced by the tapas offer of Taste Gallery. Their menu includes marinated salmon tartare with guacamole and nachos at 13.00 €, the beef burger at 11.00 €, octopus grilled with lamb’s lettuce and red mojo, for € 14.00. From 25 € you can enjoy special menus and enjoy evenings  concerts.
Plaza de San Miguel, 8. Just in front of our premises.


La oferta gastronómica cerca de Segway Trip

Pimiento Verde is one of the nearby restaurants that we recommend in Segway Trip. It is famous for preparing delicious artichokes flowers. Very tasty and with a variety of amazing recipes. Ask for a good wine to accompany them and good appetite! Flowers artichokes,€ 14.50. Artisan cheese cake, for € 6.90.
Conde de Miranda Street, 4th.


La oferta gastronómica cerca de Segway Trip

Before Dehesa Santa Maria, it has now been transformed into a tavern. We cannot avoid recommending this place, perfect for taking the first beers and eating something quickly. With good prices and good “pinchos“.
Calle Mayor 88.



We also advise you to finish our Segway tours strolling through San Miguel Market. A social, gastronomic and artistic place in which to complete your way around Madrid. You can´t leave the city without tasting its oysters with champagne, our favorite. You can taste one or the number you want. You can also taste cheeses of all kinds, Iberian products, the best pastries, fresh juices … Come on, it´s a gastronomic paradise!
Plaza de San Miguel. In front of our premises.

As you see, choosing Segway Trip is much more than choosing a Madrid means of transport. It’s an amusing and different way to live the city, and discover wonderful restaurants and places.

When you are in Madrid, discover such characteristic areas as the “Madrid de los Austrias” on a segway. You can request renting Segways at Segway Trip for your friends and yourself at your own, without a guide.

Or you can choose one of our different tours around the city, where we’ll show you the most interesting places in Madrid.

Why the locals are called “gato”?

If you are in Madrid, and you listen people talking about gatos (cats), do not believe that they are referring to the domestic animal. They are surely talking about the locals themselves.

When you do a touristic tour you are not always explained about the curiosities of the place. But in Segway Trip we believe that you should know this story.


We have to go back in time nothing more and nothing less than almost ten centuries. Exactly up to year 1085. And take a look at a soldier of Alfonso VI troops. He climbed the city walls of Mayrit (current Madrid) like a silent little cat. At the top of the wall he changed the Muslim flying flag by a Christian one.

This feat raised the morale of the Christian troops who wanted to conquer the city (and expected huddled around), so they could achieve easily their goal.

The most striking thing is that he managed to climb the wall helped only by a dagger firmly fixed to the wall. This helped him to climb up easily. Below his companions only saw a shadow moving among darkness and thought that this soldier was climbing the wall with the skill of a cat: quiet and precise.

This young climber began to be called “gato” and also his family. Over the years, this nickname was reserved for the most illustrious families in the city. Today it is a friendly way to call anyone born in Madrid.


¿Por qué a los madrileños les llaman "gato"?

This street (also called Gato Alley) is one of the most famous places of Madrid because of the importance it had in the Spanish literature. Its name comes from the poet Alvarez Gato (descendant of the brave soldier we mentioned before).

But what really made this street famous were two mirrors that were located in one of the shops. One was concave and the other was convex, and therefore deformed the person looking at them. And this is exactly where the novelist Ramón del Valle-Inclán thought his famous “esperpentos” (one of the jewels of Spanish literature). (Esperpento: literary genre created by Ramon del Valle-Inclan in which he systematically distorts reality, highlighting its grotesque and absurd features).

Whether the origin of part of the Spanish literature or a physical characteristic compliment, calling someone “gato” in Madrid, is something we like and we are proud of. And it also means that you know some of our most plebeian history.

Now that you already know a small part of the most intimate Madrid, we hope that you come to visit the city with us. Enjoying the complicity that you now have with Madrid people. And so when we say that we´ll guide you in a Madrid Segway Tour in a stealthily way as a cat, you´ll probably know what we mean.

If you want to know more stories related to Madrid and enjoy a fun segway tour, you just have to call us. Our phone number is +34 910 023 001. You can tell us what part of the town you would like visit, riding a segway, or choose from our many Madrid leisure activities on our website. Enjoy!

The best tourist information about Madrid

One feeling that you have when you arrive to Madrid is that is very easy to communicate with any part of the city.

As one of the capitals that has one of the best transport networks, your arrival to Barajas airport has direct communication with the city center. Through the regular metro and bus lines. You also have the chance to catch an express bus to or from the airport.

You can even count with many tourist tours that will help you to explore the city in detail. But where you can get the best tourist information about Madrid will be at the tourism office headquarters in Plaza Mayor.

Madrid Metro

Metro de MadridPrecisely the Madrid Metro is one of the most functionals, as it has about 320 kilometers of roads, divided into twelve lines, plus other three less conventional. Thus, through the metro you will get to any point of the capital, even if you’re far away from the downtown area.

Bus lines

Autobuses de Madrid

Madrid has an urban bus network through which you can access any point in the city, even places where subway lines can not reach. In addition, you can enjoy the famous “owls” (night buses) to move at night, from 23:00 to 05:00 hs.

Rates in both means of transport

Billete de Metro

The price of a single ticket for both metro and bus, varies depending on the distance, establishing its value between 1.50 and 2 euros. Anyway, if you are making several trips it is best to take out a bonus for 10 trips for the price of 12,20 euros. You can use this tickets in either metro or buses. Here you can see the transport rates in Madrid.

Although there is also the possibility that acquire a tourist transport card, that will let you access all kind of public transport. Its price varies between 8.40 euros to 70.80 euros (depending on the area and days).

Touristic buses

Autobuses turísticos

These buses run through the main points of interest in the city. The red buses (Madrid City Tour) with two different routes (one day or two days), allows hop on and hop off during the journey. Its rates vary from 21 € to 25 € per adult.

Yellows (Madrid Bus Visión) are more affordable (€ 12 per adult) but do not allow hop on and hop off during the journey, and provides offers for online purchase.


Segway tours Madrid

If you want a glance at the most stimulating things of the city, Segway Trip offers various tours in segway for everyone: Madrid-Rio, Barrio de los Austrias, Casa de Campo, Real Madrid, etc. Its shop is located in Plaza San Miguel, 2, in front of Mercado San Miguel.

Lockers for your luggage

Consignas en Madrid

Moreover, in the heart of the city you’ll find the first store dedicated to lockers, which offers three sizes of fully supervised luggage lockers. It’s called drop it! And it is in Calle Jardines, 25, 28013 Madrid.

Gastronomía madrileña

Restaurantes en Madrid

Madrid gastronomic proposal offers affordable prices for everybody, with settled 10 euros menus in almost all restaurants. You can also find menus for 9 € or 12 €. A menu consists of a starter, main dish, dessert and a drink. Most of them also include bread for this price.

Another aspect you should consider are tips. They are not mandatory and there is no fixed rate, but they are a gesture of thanks.

We hope this tourist information was useful to you. Tell us!

What tourists think about Madrid

Surely, more than once, you have wondered what tourists think about Madrid, right?

We certainly do it. Because it is very important for a business like ours, which offers Segway tours in Madrid. In order to find out what visitors are expecting from the city. And to offer a better tourist service every day.

According to a recently published study by PWC, in which 154 people of different nationalities participated, 60% of visitors choose leisure as the main reason for the trip,. While 29% are business travelers. This study gives us an idea of what tourists think about Madrid . And what they are looking for when visiting the capital.

People from key strategic markets were chosen for this survey. Such as Germany, Argentina, Brazil, China, USA, France, Holland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nordics, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia and Switzerland.

Here are some conclusions:

KIND OF TOURISTS  Qué piensan los turistas sobre Madrid

  • 63% of people answering the survey are from Europe, 27% from America and 10% from Asia.
  • 60% of respondents visiting the capital of Spain, considers himself as a leisure tourist, 29% are business travelers and 11% are traveling for both reasons.
  • The main factors taken into account when traveling are safety and cleanliness, infrastructure and quality / price ratio.
  • The factors less taken into account is nightlife leisure and Madrid as a traveling with children destination. In fact 85% of these people prefer visiting Madrid without children.
  • Tourists looking for “price”, take into account primarily the quality / price relation, hospitality, cultural heritage, infrastructure.
  • Tourists seeking exclusivity (14% of respondents) take into account factors such as the events in Madrid, shopping and nightlife offers.
  • Among tourists who more spend (accommodation) per day are the Portuguese with € 138 daily and French with 116 € per day. Followed by the Nordic countries with 93 € per day and Chinese with 90 € daily.


  • Tourists repeating visit to Madrid are those of Mexico, Portugal, Germany, Italy.
  • Tourists who do not often repeat visit are Brazil, Britain, Japan and the Nordic countries.
  • Portuguese people spend more in accommodation and catering.
  • Brazilians and Argentineans spend a greater amount of money in leisure and shopping.
  • A higher amount is destined to accommodation, followed by shopping, catering and leisure, in that order.
  • People between 30 and 55 years old are the ones who expend more, distinguishing men, who spend more on accommodation and catering from women, who devote more resources to entertainment and shopping.
  • Best time of year to visit Madrid: spring, followed by autumn, and winter and summer finally.

Qué opinan los turistas de MadridREASONS FOR THE VISIT

  • The main reason to visit Madrid is cultural heritage, monuments and museums (56%), followed by visiting friends and relatives (23%) and food (22%).
  • Americans visit Madrid mainly for its gastronomy, the Russians for purchases offers and English for a short break.


The main channel used by everybody for their travel purchase is the internet, except in the case of China and France, which also use travel agencies.

  • Internet (82%)
  • Travel Guides (40%)
  • Recommendation (34%)

Qué piensan los turistas sobre Madrid

  • Tourists are DO meet their full expectations in terms of transport, infrastructure, and gastronomy.
  • Tourists DO NOT meet their expectations in terms of the use of English as a means of communication.
  • Among the major world capitals that these people prefer as a tourist destination, Madrid occupies the 6th place. Paris, the first (25%), followed by New York (22%) and London (20%). Rome occupies the 4th place (15%), followed by Barcelona (6%).

It´s very important to know what tourists think about Madrid, to improve our services. We, the locals, get bad grade in language, and we are very concious that we must care very much our monumetal and cultural heritage, as it is the main tourist attraction and one of the best ways to preserve our history.




Are you in Madrid? You´re welcome! The city has a lot to enjoy!. Tell us where are you staying. Depending on the neighbourhood, you can choose your route. We make you some proposals, with three benchmarks: El Retiro, La Latina and Madrid de los Austrias.

These are three routes you can visit by walking, so it is necessary to have good shoes. Or you can also choose the segway service in Madrid, which allows you to visit all these places more comfortable and with much more fun.

· IF YOU STAYING IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF RETIRO PARKTell me where are you staying... en Madrid

If you have chosen accommodation near the “Parque del Retiro”, you should know that you are surrounded by elegant neighborhoods that you can walk through.

The Salamanca area is the most elegant of the city. It´s ideal for buying in the stores of the great designers, take a brunch at trendy restaurants or being near the largest park in the city, the Parque del Retiro. This park is gorgeous. You can navigate their lake and lose yourself among its wooded paths with ancient trees, while you look at sculptures, monuments and nature. You can walk along the promenade of the Spanish kings statues and visit the delicate Palacio de Cristal, where it´s usual to see contemporary art exhibitions.

Dime dónde te alojas... en Madrid
Museo del Prado

From El Retiro you can go to the Puerta de Alcalá and watch its different carvings, in each of its faces. If you continue along Alcalá st. you´ll soon find the famous Cibeles statue. By turning to the left, along the Paseo del Prado, you will find the essential museums: the Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofía Museum, the latter, in front of the main gate of the Atocha train station.


If you stay in the old district of Los Austrias, you should know that you are in the historical district.

You will be amazed by places like the Prince of Angola Garden and the pretty Plaza de la Villa, with the old town hall and the oldest civil construction in Madrid, the Lujanes House and Tower.

A good decision is to see sunset from the the Royal Palace gardens, after having visited the Almudena Cathedral. And, to farewell the day, you can go through the Plaza de Oriente towards Gran Via, and make a visit to the Royal Theatre.

Dime dónde te alojas en Madrid
Bocadillo de calamares

Returning to the city center, you can not miss the Plaza Mayor and admire the Casa de la Panaderia facade. It is one of the most characteristic areas and is very typical to eat a squid sandwich (bocadillo de calamares) at one of the many bars located at the different square entrances.

Dime dónde te alojas... en Madrid
Jamón ibérico, quesos y vinos españoles

A plan more ‘gourmet’ is offered by the San Miguel Market, an old market which has now been remodeled to provide selected dishes of the Spanish cuisine. Now, with a full stomach, you can continue towards La Latina.


The colorful Mercado de la Cebada will draw your attention any day of the week. If it’s Sunday, a forced site to see are the thousands of stalls of El Rastro, Madrid’s best-known street market, where you can find antiques new things.

The vintage style makes interesting proposals here for lovers of this trend.

The medieval layout of the streets of Madrid de los Austrias, continues here along the Cava Baja and Cava Alta streets, full of bars and restaurants where you can taste tapas and pinchos.

The Plaza de la Paja, once the residence of noble families, preserves the front of the Vargas palace, of Renaissance origin, and built by Francisco de Vargas and Medina, one of the Catholic Monarchs adviser.

Here we have given you only a few hints of the many things you can´t miss in your Madrid neighborhood. But keep in mind that Madrid must be enjoyed step by step, and there are things to discover as soon as you go out to the street, in bars, museums, plazas, restaurants … So, open your eyes, ears and appetite!!

What to taste in Madrid

For me the 50th % of a trip means to know the local food. Tasting those dishes eaten by city locals, and  that you can find in very economic places as well as in luxurious restaurants.

You can´t leave Madrid without having tasted some of these dishes. Some of them are very well-known as the paella, but others are not so famous. Some are suitable for summer and others are ideal for cold weather. You can choose:

Lo que hay que probar en Madrid


This is a must in Madrid, since it is one of the most typical dishes of Spanish cuisine, not only in Madrid. It is a kind of stew, typical of winter season, as it provides a lot of calories. It consists of a broth that is usually taken as a starter, and then as second dish you have the actual stew, consisting of chickpeas, chicken, black pudding (cut beef), carrots, potatoes, green beans, a ham bone, bacon, sausage, cabbage.

There are many places in Madrid to taste a good cocido, including:

Casa Carola I: Affordable prices tavern and generous rations.
C / Padilla 54, Local on the Right. – Phone: 914019408
Casa Carola II. C / Victor Andres Belaunde, 6 – Phone: 91 458 31 59

Lhardy: Emblematic place of Madrid, where celebrities go. Therefore prices are rather expensive.
C / Carrera de San Jerónimo, 8 – (+34) 915 213 385

Malacatín: Generous dishes and very good price.
C / Ruda No. 5 – Phone. 91 365 52 41

La Bola Tavern: Centenary restaurant. The Cocido here is the star dish. Cooked very slowly and with a oak charcoal fire.
C / Ball 5 – Phone. 915 476 930

tortilla española


Traditional and very simple dish. Nevertheless it is not easy to suggest good tortilla places, as “about tastes there is nothing written”. Juicy, tall, thin, with or without onions…

The basic ingredients are: eggs, potatoes, olive oil, salt. They must be combined and cooked perfectly, in order not to overcooked it.

Some places in Madrid where to eat a good Tortilla:

Salvaterra County: Galician cuisine. Here tortilla is prepared by Pepita in two versions: with onions and juicy, and a less juicy version, with sausage and pepper. Generous portions.
C / Berruguete, 2 – Phone. 914 501 759

Trucha: A classic in Chamberí neighborhood. Different versions, from traditional to codfish tortilla, with Galician octopus, with baby squids, with mushrooms and truffle, with purrusalda cream …
C / Rafael Calvo, 20. Phone. +34 913 19 75 05

Sylkar: The place is small but the omelets are great and available at all hours. For breakfast, as a snack, lunch, snack, dinner …
C / Espronceda, 17 – Phone. +34 915 54 57 03

La Penela: Galician restaurant serving tortilla from Betanzos: very thin potatoes slices and chips, which makes the tortilla crisp and tender inside. Poultry eggs. They say prices are not cheap, but they are worth paying.
C / Infanta Mercedes 98 – Phone. +34 915 79 91 78

Lo que hay que probar

SNAILS “a la Madrileña”

It was one of the typical dishes of Madrid in the early twentieth century. They are served in a clay pot with red wine. They taste a little spicy as they are prepared with chili pepper. They are eaten especially in spring, when it´s harvest time.

Where you can taste snails:

Casa Amadeo – Los Caracoles: Good price. A neighborhood bar that is crowded on Sundays. A well-brewed beer.
C / Toledo 106. Phone. +34 933 20 January 41

Casa Jorge: Catalan cuisine. They also serve the famous Catalan calcots.
C / Cartagena 104 – Phone. +34 914 16 92 44

The Royal Corner: French cuisine opposite the Royal Theatre. They serve bourguignon snails or mushrooms.
Union Street, 8 – Phone. +34 910 80 19 82.

La Huerta de Lleida: Very well known for his van with a snail in the roof. Here you can try the snails in the Llauda way (with sausage and tomato sauce) or the Fomanta one (fried).
Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 16

Lo que hay que probar en Madrid

SPICY POTATOES (Patatas Bravas)

They are served as a ration, accompanied by a good beer. They are dices shaped chips with a spicy tomato sauce. Hence its name. Is the typical dish that can be enjoyed on the terraces of Madrid, along with other tapas.

They can be found in almost all bars, but not all of them prepare it really well, with a well elaborated sauce. Our favorites are:

Las Bravas: good prices, although some say that attention is not the best. This is a place where you can say, this is Madrid!
C / Alvarez Cat. 3 – Phone +34 915 22 85 81

L’Andecha: Typical tapas and more elaborated dishes.
Avda Brussels, 69 -..Phone +34 917 26 96 93

Mrs. Potato: A small neighborhood bar. Potatoes with different shapes and different kinds of sauces.
C / Juan Francisco, 5. Phone 91 472 75 32.

In Segwaytrip we like to eat well! And our customers leave Madrid having had a full experience of the place.

That´s why we offer two tours, where, besides visiting the historic Madrid, you can taste delicious Spanish dishes. We invite you to know:

Gourmet Tour and the Botin Segway Tour. A whole dining experience on wheels!

Gastronomia madrileña

Something interesting about the segway

Tours en Segway en Madrid

There is data about the segway functioning that you surely do not know.

At first glance it does not seem to be something very special. But people who have tried it say it is a totally different way to get around the city.

The inventor of this machine, Dean Kamen, had high expectations with the Segway. He said in an interview that this electric vehicle would be to the car what the car was to the horse.

Although the Segway has not yet reached these standards, it is undoubtedly an amazing vehicle. Here we can understans why its inventor thought that this machine would change the world.

Personally, I think the Segway could be compared with the iPad. Many people thought it would quickly remain outdated. But the fact is that nowadays everyone wants to have one.

The Segway was introduced by its inventor as the “first human self balancing transportation”; and when you see it in operation you understand why.

To move forward or backward, the person simply have to lean slightly forward or backward. To turn right or left, it´s necessary to turn the handlebar to the corresponding side.

This balancing is the key to its operation. The model Kamen used in its conception was the human body.
Here is why: If a standing person leans forward to almost lose balance, he won´t probably fall. The brain “knows” that he has lost balance, and then instructs the body to put one leg forward to avoid falling. If the person is leaning, the brain will think in advance ordering a leg to keep the body upright. Instead of falling, the person moves, walks.

The Segway does pretty much the same. The difference is that the segway has wheels instead of legs, a motor instead of muscles, a group of microprocessors instead of brain. Like the brain, the Segway knows when the person bends. And for keeping the balance, it moves the wheels at the right speed, so that the machine could circulate.

Now you will surely see this electric vehicle with more admiration than before, right?

And remember that always behind a great vehicle, there is a great “brain”.

Festival Surge Madrid 2016

Si eres amante del teatro, la danza o la creación escénica y viajas a Madrid en el mes de mayo, estás de enhorabuena. Porque cuando te bajes del segway tras haber disfrutado de una ruta de lo más interesante podrás sumergirte en el Festival Surge Madrid, un evento que tendrá lugar entre el 4 y el 29 de mayo en el que las salas independientes de la capital ofrecen más de 40 espectáculos de todos los estilos para que encuentres el que mejor se adapta a ti.

Habla de la Tierra

En el Teatro La Usina, los días 13, 20, 26 y 27 de mayo podremos disfrutar de una bellísima pieza de danza de la creadora Camille Hanson que se presenta como un manifiesto ecologista, planteando algunos de los retos a los que se enfrenta nuestro planeta después de que la humanidad lo haya maltratado durante milenios.

A nivel formal, se trata de uno de los espectáculos más interesantes y trabajados que podremos encontrar en este evento, por lo que si te gusta la danza te aconsejamos que no te lo pierdas.

El artista Juan Carlos Arévalo es el encargado de la escenografía y el vídeo de un espectáculo que no te dejará indiferente, especialmente si tú también estás concienciado con todos los problemas a los que se enfrenta nuestro planeta.

La Realidad

En el teatro del Barrio, los días 19, 21 y 22 de mayo podremos encontrar este espectáculo que se encuentra a medio camino entre el monólogo de humor y la poesía conceptual. Se trata de una burla irónica al concepto de arte y vida, en el que se realiza una reflexión sobre lo político y las costumbres, de manera que se trabaje con la realidad que nos rodea sin dejar de lado un toque un poco más estético. Se trata de un espectáculo bastante diferente a lo que estamos acostumbrados a ver, y que seguro será del agrado de muchos.


Uno de los proyectos más interesantes de este festival ha sido la creación de tres residencias artísticas, cuyos resultados podremos ver a finales del mes de mayo. Durante todo el mes se estarán llevando a cabo una serie de talleres, y en los últimos días podremos ver el resultado del trabajo que se haya realizado en ellos.

Estas son sólo algunas de las interpretaciones que podremos disfrutar en el festival, que inclue opciones para todos los públicos.


Hi, I’m one of the guides you see every day mounted on the segway with a line of tourists behind me.

Today I want to tell you a little more about how segway rental can reveal things you did not know and even imagine about Madrid. 

Madrid is a very old city, and as such, it has a stories baggage and unknown places that guides show to visitors. It´s said that if you know more about things, you enjoy them more, and I think this is true.

Cómo ver Madrid en segway

Here I leave a short review of some of the many curiosities we have in Madrid. I hope you enjoy it and don´t forget to take a segway tour with us when visiting the capital of Spain.

Segway y tapas Velazquez y Picasso. Comida de pobres.junot viejo comiendo sopas de Goya.


It is not confirmed actually but it is said that King Alfonso XIII, being in Cadiz, ordered something to drink, and the bar man covered his cup with a slice of ham to prevent the sand from entering into his cup. The king liked so much the gesture that brought this tradition to Madrid. Others say that the doctor recommended King Alfonso X to accompany the wine with food, since he himself suffered stomach pains because of how much he drank.

Ratón Pérez en Madrid


The history of this mouse has also the king Alfonso XIII as the starring! When the king was a child, the writer Luis Coloma wrote the story of the Perez Mouse to him, because of the monarch tooth fall. Coloma writes that the Perez family home was a Huntley cookies box, that was in the basement of the Prast Pastry, at No. 8th Arenal St. in Madrid. Today the Pérez Mouse Museum is on the 1st floor.

De Madrid al cielo


It is said that the author was the Blessed Mariana of Jesus. This co-patron of Madrid is buried in the Mercedarias Church in 15th Valverde Street, and each April 17th, their incorrupt remains are exposed to her devotees. Yes, it’s a morbid tradition, but everyone to his own taste. Others say that the phrase is actually “In Madrid, the sky,” because in medieval times the only beautiful thing in Madrid was its sky. But nobody really knows its origin.

Qué es el chotis


The chotis is the typical dance of Madrid. But in fact the word comes from the German word Schottisch (Scottish), which was a German polka danced in the center of Europe and it is said it came from Scotland.

Madrid qué ver


Yes, and it’s fascinating. It’s called the Ultimate Park and it is in the Arganda del Rey district. There are cemeteries for animals in many countries, and Madrid has its own. It´s worth seeing how people care for their faithful companions graves, almost more than with humans. Some 4,000 pets are buried here. Rates range from 90 euros to 5,000 euros graves. These lined with Italian marble.

Madrid restaurantes


There are many traces in Madrid of these two orders. The Bolsa Chapel, for example, is said to be one of them. Now it has been converted into a very chic restaurant. It is located on Calle de la Bolsa, also known as the Woodshed because the wood that was used for the Inquisition burnings was piled there. In the Middle Ages this chapel was the Chapel of Santa Cruz, associated with the Templar Knights.

Years later this chapel was the first Masonic lodge meeting place. Many streets in Madrid make also reference to people associated with the Masonic Lodge: Antonio Machado, Argüelles, Echegaray, Goya, Ortega y Gasset… Another statue associated with this lodge is the Baldomero Espartero in the  Parque del Retiro.

Are you now curious about Madrid stories?. Then, we wait for you in our shop of San Miguel Square, (Tel: +34 637 263 886) where you can rent a segway with or without a guide, as you like.

¡Madrid never ends!