5 Fun Facts about Segways

5 Fun Facts about Segways

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Whether you are a first time visitor, a captivated returner or even a madrileño. our different Segways tour experiences will allow you to create a memorable journey that you will always remember. Our skilled and perfectly trained Segway guides will not only teach you how to roll like a pro. But also make you immerse into the Spanish culture and the History of Madrid.

In this article and supposedly before going for your first Segway ride, we figured we would give you some interesting facts you should know about this vehichle.


Who did invent Segways?



Dean Lawrence Kamen (born April 5, 1951) an American engineer, inventor, and businessman. He also found the non-profit organization first with Woodie Flowers.


What was his initial goal with Segways?

The goal with Segways was to design a wheelchair that permits users to sit higher off the ground. Nevertheless, the result was a product designed to revolutionize the way people travel the streets. Dean Kamen, the machine’s inventor, held high hopes for his invention. In his interview with Time Magazine, he claimed that Segway ” will be to the car what the car was to the horse and buggy.”


Did the Founder fall off a cliff and die whilst riding his own segway?


Many people think that Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway fell off a Cliff into a river and died while riding a Segway, while it was actually the man who bought Segway Inc from Dean in 2010, Jimi Heselden, a British entrepreneur and millionaire.


When was the first one made?

Although the majority of people think it was invented in 2001, Segway’s first patent was filed in 1994 and granted in 1997 followed by others including one submitted in June 1999. On December 2001, it was publicly debuted on a show called Good Morning America.


Where did the name Segway come from?

The Word is believed to originate from the Word ‘segue’ which means ‘smooth transition’. However, segways are known as ‘Personal transporters’.

Steps for riding a Segway (safely) In Madrid

Are you getting ready for your Segway experience and wish to have a checklist of the things to be aware of? You are in the right page!

Excursiones Excursions Madrid Tour

Although many of us believe that to a certain extent, Segways are safe to move around the city you want to visit, one should be aware of the circumstances of driving a such vehicle and drive it respoinsibly. The segway company warns new users that ‘whenever you ride the Segway HT, you risk injury from loss of control, collisions and falls’ and that it’s your responsibility to reduce these risks.

On the other hand, these wonderful battery-powered vehicles are designed to facilitate riding even for those who never tried them. Once you take control of a Segway, you will enjoy its smooth and environmentally friendly operation. They will get the scene ready for a memorable life experience.

You probably rode a Segway before or at least know how it rolls. However, in the following article we’ll pretend that you’re hearing about it the first time. The tips we are about to share can useful for beginners as well as pro Segwayers.

1. Practice, practice and practice

Before you take your first ride to El Retiro Park or to Palacio Real, we recommend you spend a while practicing your skills of balance and control. It is strongly advised  that you seek instruction from someone qualified and experienced in the use of Segways.

Prior to our Segway tours in Madrid, our qualified guides give clients a fun 10-minute practice lesson, in order to ensure the smoothness of the experience.

2. Always keep a firm hold on the Segway handlebars

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While riding your Segway, things like checking your phone or waving to cute dogs must be out of your list. Make sure both hands are firmly holding the handlebar. Also, firmly stand on the Segway with both legs, this will keep your balance and allow you to have more control on the Segway.

3. Avoid sudden maneuvers when riding a segway

Pasos A Seguir Para Conducir

In spite of the fact that Segways are able to sense your movements, And rectify the wrong ones to gain you balance again, this mechanism may not be able to re-balance you if you perform abrupt maneuvers. Thus,we recommend not to turn your Segway too fast, nor quickly stop or start it.

4. Build confidence, Avoid overconfidence

As you gain more confidence riding your Segway, you may start to adopt some hazardous intentions to show off your skills. Nonetheless, this might be a sign of overconfidence that we recommend you avoid at all times. It is also advised to avoid speeding even in most convenient opportunities,

5. Stick to solid grounds

Manera Segura Segway Madrid

Segways are not designed to roll in all types of terrains. Stick with the paved surfaces they are meant for. Any sudden terrain change like ridin from Grass to pavement can be a threat to your safety, do this carefully and unhurriedly!

6. Stop your segway before getting off it

Don’t let go of a Segway that is still in balance mode. or it will continue to travel away from you and could potentially collide with someone or something.

Explore the 3 Best Annual Cultural Celebrations in Madrid

The 3 Best Annual Cultural Celebrations in Madrid

  • Carnival
  • Nochevieja
  • Virgin La Paloma

The cultural life in Madrid is highly valued because there are many cultural celebrations throughout the year. People committedly participate in them and enjoy them greatly. Madrid being a safe and hospitable place as it is, even visitors can feel the joy of such festivals in case one finds you there.

Madrilenos have a strong sense of their cultural traditions and they highly respect them. As a visitor, if you happen to experience one of the festivals with a local, that’s when you can gain a deeper understanding of the weight of a cultural festival to an indigenous of Madrid. Traditionally, Madrid is Catholic and therefore their celebrations hinge around this religious background. Many tourists who have experienced some of these festivals in one of their tours always target the same time in the subsequent year/years to be around so as to enjoy again. This article focuses on 3 of the prominent festivals; Carnival, Nochevieja and Virgin La Paloma.

  • Carnival Festival

This is one of the most important festivals in Madrid and it is celebrated in February. It is highly valued by the Spanish and Madrilenos in particular. It takes place in a week leading to Lent and they are setting themselves well to stop eating meat during the Lent season a strong belief and tradition in the Catholic religion to fast from eating meat until Lent is over.  Lent season takes 40 days and a true Catholic must exercise vegetarianism all that time.

The celebration features a lot of programs for that day to make it lively. There are many amusing activities that take place on that day. The opening night hosts a number of cultural carnival parade. The ceremony is always headed by a religious celebrity who values social and cultural traditions.  A specific theme is always identified and this sets the tone of the ceremony. There are special costumes used by all participants and they have to rhyme with the theme. There is always a parade in honor of the occasion. Then there comes the masquerade balls for those who wear the masks. There is always a speech given by the celebrant highlighting about the essence of the occasion and encouraging people to be firm in their Catholic beliefs by following Jesus’ example of fasting for 40 days. By shunning meat for 40 days, they are fasting and they expect great achievements in their lives if they faithfully do this. There is also music, concerts and art shows all intended to entertain people. They continue to enjoy live performances that go on for nearly a week.

This festival is very significant in the lives of Madrid people and all those who celebrate it as well. First of all it is a time of exercising their catholic religious belief powerfully.  They believe that out of observing the Lent season piously, you get good luck, and all problems in your life fade away. It is also a way of coming together in the spirit of brotherhood and even if there are visitors, they are incorporated and they experience that spirit of oneness. The Carnival celebration also serves as a time for people to break from the cycle of daily toil and just use it to relax and be merry from the entertainment and the general happiness that is experienced during the celebration. It is a way of recommitting oneself back into the religious powers that help believers to move on in life. It is used as a time to terminate the evil powers that they believe dig their way into a believer’s life and keep tormenting them, but with such a festival which after all ushers in a time of commitment in prayers, it cleanses the life of a true catholic believer.

Conclusively, the carnival festival is very important in the lives of Madrid people. That is why they put in their time and effort to ensure that the day comes to pass in a very lovely way. The fruits that come out of it are so valuable in the life of a Madrid local that participates piously. Therefore that is why it continues to take place annually in the same powerful spirit.

  • Nochevieja Festival

This is another awesome occasion. Celebrated on the eve of the New Year, it carries a lot of meaning, weight and value in the lives of Madrilenos and the Spanish at large. The midnight of 31st December always lands on an atmosphere of excitement, celebration and merry making. The most popular venue for this annual celebration in Madrid is Puerta del Sol square. In fact the whole world celebrates this moment but in most cultures, it is celebrated on an individual person’s level. In Madrid however, the course is different. It is communally celebrated and there are universal guidelines for the occasion which make it more meaningful and sensible.

It is characterized with the chiming of the clock at midnight and they give a special regard to eating grapes as soon as the clock hour hand strikes 12:00 a.m. The gong will sound twelve times and at each sound you are supposed to eat a grape so that you eat 12 grapes with the twelve gong sounds. There is a clock on top of Casa de Correos building which helps in this traditional time count down. There is strong religious belief attached to this action that you will experience good luck and prosperity throughout the 12 months of the coming year. Most people prepare a delicious traditional dinner which they share together as a family and even friends. Restaurants close on that occasion because of this arrangement in homes. All these are done before midnight so that afterwards they gather in the square to do the grape eating communally.

Even those who don’t go to the square grace themselves somewhere in front of a television ready with their grapes to participate in the ritualistic grape eating as they bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one. The grape eating session is then followed by celebrations in different spots apart from the emblematic squares till morning. Some celebrate from clubs, others in the safety of their homes and any other private spots. The shouts, hugs and kisses wishing one another a “Happy New Year” is the immediate next activity after the grape eating, and it is also mindfully done to whoever is next to you regardless of whether you know them or not; a perfect reflection of a spirit of brotherhood. The rest of the time is for dancing, drinking, chatting and generally being happy.

A few Madrid hotels organize for this occasion by preparing multi-course gourmet meals for the tourists and those who may have not had the home meal arrangement. Then dancing and general entertainment follows. Some squares such as Plaza de Espana always stay open displaying its artistic products from which tourists and any other people can obtain souvenirs for the New Year festival. The festival is usually crowned with chocolate and churros. Most places prepare the favorite hot cup of chocolate and some freshly made Churros which they value so much.

In conclusion, Nochevieja is a marvelous festival that has seen a number of tourists coming to Spain to enjoy with the Spanish as they usher in the New Year in a ritualistic style. Everybody wants a good luck-filled life in this world; therefore some visitors come to Madrid for this festival with a target of tapping in the powers of a prosperous new year. It is a remarkable occasion which people look forward to celebrating.


  • La Paloma Festival

This is another splendid occasion that anyone who understands what it entails does not dare miss it. It is celebrated annually in August between 11th -16th, with15th August as the climax. The history of this festival rotates around Isabel Tintero’s acquiring the picture of a virgin from the children who found it in a corral. Tintero, who lived on Paloma Street, displayed it on her door and it captivated the people who came in search of cure and protection. Years later, it was moved to a chapel where more and more people continued to come to pay homage to it seeking cure and protection. This chapel was built to cater for the big number of devotees that came to worship and pray to the virgin. The chapel was named after this virgin as well as the street where it was situated. The common ground for celebrations is Plaza de las Vistillas.

Many forms of entertainment dominate this occasion. It begins with the firemen carrying the picture of La Paloma Virgin on their shoulders. They place it on a well-set platform and they adore it with floral carnations. The Madrilenos, clad in their traditional costumes of Chulapos and Chulapas, parade around pray and experience the religious indulgence before the virgin’s image. They shower their praises and thankfulness for protection, cure and general well-being attained by praying to the virgin and getting answers. A general mass prayer is conducted by religious leaders in honor of the occasion.

When the religious part is done with, everyone now filled with faith of having acquired new life that is free from troubles, they embark on general celebrations.  Throughout the beautifully decorated streets, with multi-color lights dazzling, people celebrate heartily. They embark on street parties and enjoy different forms of entertainment.

There is dancing of Chotis which is traditional dance of the Madrelinos and which they gladly associate with their traditional culture because they are so attached to their culture. The evening is enjoyed in many styles for example there are fireworks shows and they just make the occasion glamorous. People sit together in groups watching and enjoying the entertainment.

Some even opt to enjoy away from the festival ground by going to places of each one’s choice. That is a special day for that particular festival so every arrangement rhymes with the occasion. This implies that even clubs’ settings are geared towards the occasion. In most cases there are outdoor night clubs with music performances by orchestras and other popular musicians who put up entertaining shows. Visitors interact with locals warmly and everyone becomes happy.

Children are not left out. Parents move out with their children as every part of the occasion is relevant to all. They also share in all the fun, run and jump around playfully as children always do and get the most out of the day.

All forms of cuisines are prepared; indigenous and international alike. Visitors do not find any problems in enjoying what they feel like eating. Drinks are served and the night really becomes fun-packed.

All in all, the La Paloma festival that has been celebrated annually in Madrid and Spain as a whole still remains an outstanding occasion for the Spanish and a number of tourists who know it. It is a joyful occasion that leaves people refreshed and vibrant enough to push on with life which usually burden people with troubles and misery. After such an experience however, people are charged and find life happy and bearable for some time.


Festivals and the people of Madrid are indispensable. The above are just a few of the many celebrations held in Madrid annually. It is a commendable tradition because it is an opportunity to break from the daily bothers and struggles of life. Since they are occasions of joy, excitement and merry making, they are good at refreshing people’s lives many occasions in a year which keeps them happy. Many tourists enjoy visiting Madrid and there are several reasons for this including this one of enjoying certain festivals. The above three are among the prominent ones and they are all religious-related. This could even be one of the reasons why Madrid is relatively free from crime compared to most other world places because people who are so religious tend to be better as they are guided by religious principles that condemn all forms of crime in the strongest sense.

The Local Festivals Of San Lorenzo Del Escorial

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Welcome To Spain

The entire world is lovely, and all, but some of its regions are more breathtaking and natural, this makes them definitely worth seeing. One of those “must visit” countries turns out to be Spain.

Yes, Spain is a thriving country overflowing with fascinating culture and traditions. It has a population of over 46.56 million and Spanish is the world’s third most spoken language including native and non-native speakers. What’s more is that Spanish is the most romantic of the three romance languages, as they say.

A community that enjoys life

The Spanish community is known to have the most significant number of human rights as compared to all the world. The citizens enjoy many benefits here and have highly valued rights.

One of the most amazing things about Spain is that there is always some kind of fiesta or festival going on. So even if you haven’t planned explicitly for being part of a grand celebration, don’t worry, you’re most probably gonna be part of one anyway.


This country has a Mediterranean climate overall. It has a lot of dry breezes and rainfall during the winter season. Since the weather is mild, it is suitable for tourists coming from all corners of the globe.

Tourist Attractions

It is famous for its skyscrapers, historical monuments, and evergreen traditions and culture. Even if you’ve never heard of Spain much before, you must have heard of its Tomatina festival, Paella Valencia,, and fiestas.

Few Very Common Features Of Spain

Well, the names cannot be self-introductory If you don’t know what they mean. So, here is a small explanation:

-Tomatina Festival

The Tomatina festival is a tomato-throwing festival. Sounds weird at first, but its a very fun international level food fight. It became famous for being a unique festival. Nowadays it is celebrated on a more significant level, and there are limited tickets.

-Paella Valencia And Local Festivities

Paella Valencia is a very famous Spanish cuisine. Other parties and celebrations aside, this country is brimming with countless fiestas. These fiestas are to celebrate saints and patrons.

Spain is also widely famous for its Tapas, La Siesta, La Fiesta, Flamenco and more.

-Tapas, La Siesta, And Flamenco

To put all in a very brief introduction, Tapas is a unique style of eating. Many bars are here and there all over Spain. In fact, It has the worlds largest wine production. La Siesta is an afternoon nap quite common in the Mediterranean. Flamenco is a collection of historical Spanish dances, songs, and traditional cuisines.

Spain has a very sociable culture, and everyone enjoys festivities a lot. There can hardly be a week in which there is no celebration. Being part of such enjoyment seems fun right?

One person, one lifetime and a whole world with over 204 countries to discover. That’s a lot of traveling. However, that does not mean that you’ll never be able to enjoy all the wonders of the world. You just need to look in the right place. So, if we narrow our search a bit further, we’ll get to know that in Spain there are as many local festivals to enjoy as there are the international ones.

Owner Of The Captivating Beauty And Architecture, Madrid

The Local Festivals Of San Lorenzo Del Escorial

This country’s capital is one of the places you have to put in your list of “must visit once in life.” This entire country is worth visiting; however, most of its beauty remains secluded in its capital, Madrid. The capital offers aesthetic beauty and beautiful traditional cultures. One of the things that make this place a great tourist attraction is that you can relive all sorts of historical moments here.

The city is notorious for being on a full on party even at nights. However, the days also share the same glory not letting the nights take the spotlight. 

You can choose to experience the feeling of being a royal, or you can visit all their traditional cultures having the same glory today as they did in the past.

Madrid has a lot of year to year and monthly festivals. When touring a country, festivals are a great way to see the nation shine at its brightest peaks of excitement and liveliness.

Fiestas are the most common way of celebration you’ll be seeing all over Spain. Most of these are religious fiesta dedicated to a saint patron. But it does not even get close to being boring. So you’re gonna enjoy all of these like any other party. The people come out on the streets and have fun with delicious foods, expensive wines, and commemoration songs.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial, A Town In Madrid

The Local Festivals Of San Lorenzo Del Escorial

Madrid has a town located in its municipality called San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The city is also known as El Escorial de Arriba. It is situated in thenorthwest region of the southwestern side of Siera de Guadarrama.

It’s most prominent building is the Monastery, it also has a Villa and a beautiful Royal Palace.

This town has a lot of pubs, bars and charming streets that shine most brightly during a fiesta. The celebrations here have a sole purpose of enjoyment and having a good time. All the people are welcoming to anyone who wishes to join. You can join in and have fun just as you are with your very own familia. Eating tapas at bars, drinking soothing natural drinks, traditional dances are all like the heart of the celebration.

Fiestas De Agosto (The Festivals Of August)

August is here. And in this month many specials fiestas are awaiting you. Including the gigantic Tomatina coming up, there are loads of local holidays and fiestas here too.

The heat intensifies, and hence there are proper arrangements for that too. The streets light up, there are dances, songs and not to mention delicious food and free lemonade. Here is the list of the upcoming fiestas, brace yourself for the unlimited fun:

-San Cayetano

San Cayetano, also known as Saint Cajetan festival is a commemoration to the Saint Cajetan. This fiesta marks the beginning of an upcoming line of celebrations. The streets all over Spain are a sight to see. However, they have the most life during such moments. The roads are beautifully decorated. People hang lanterns outside their house and terraces.

The lanterns are specially made with a Spanish style. This festival is from 7 – 8 of August. It has a bunch of activities to enjoy. Namely concerts, children’s activities, beers and more.

The Sunday market is hosted in the famous plaza, Plaza Del Cascorro, which is situated in the La Latina neighborhood. It is a charming plaza, one that shows the taste of architecture of the Español. Here the creative and unique architecture makes it a memorable view. It is a bustling little plaza, very easy to locate in La Latina neighborhood.

Many bars restaurants enriches the tourist offer. In addition to a well-kept building and one of those things you’ll like undoubtedly.

The Ambassadors have cut the acts of San Cayetano to a little number. The reason behind this was to increase the time for the growing activities of the next fiesta, the Saint Lawrence festival.

-San Lorenzo

The second fiesta succeeding San Cayetano is the San Lorenzo fiesta. In English, it is termed as the Saint Lawrence festival.

The bars are open to all the people; to the citizens and foreigners. They serve the traditional tapas there along with rare Spanish wines. They are very hospitable people, so you’ll find yourself at home in no time. There is a free give away of lemonade almost in every fiesta. If you’re looking for major fun, don’t miss out on this one!

The Saint Lawrence festival is held from 8 to 10th of August. The celebration features all the similar treats including dances, music, street theaters and the love of all – Food! The, however, is taken by the lemonade distribution here. And there is a free lemonade give away in the morning from 8pm to 11pm.

The musical show takes place in Calle Argumosa. It is a very famous street in the Lavapies Area.

-Verbena de La Paloma

It is known as the most famous festival in Madrid. It takes place from August 12 to 15. This celebration honors the Virgin Of The Dove/Virgen de La Paloma. The entire celebration occurs in the La Latina neighborhood. All the squares light up and cheer. The tapas, bars, and dances are at their peak.

There is a Zarazuela held on the streets. The main stage is located in the Jardines de La Vistillas. It is a Spanish drama in which the songs and acting explain the story. Elections are held to select the lead roles. The people from the age of 16 to 40 can stand as a candidate for the role.


All the people dress up in chulapas and enjoy the evening dances while drinking, dancing and merrymaking. The chulapas are, well let us get a bit historical overview. In the 1800s, the residents of Madrid Villa were termed as chulapas and chulapos. Chulapa is the male term for a man, and Chulapo is the feminine term for a woman.

In these important festivals, people of Spain dress up in the chulapa costumes and enjoy dances in the fiesta. The dress is made of plain cloth, having polka dots on it. A manila shawl goes along with it. It is embroidered with flowers and other lovely Spanish motives. The Manila shawl is available in a variety of colors, but the traditional ones are either red, white or black in color.

Woman tie a white kerchief on the top of their head with a white or red carnation. The other components of the chulapo dress include black trousers, a white shirt and a printed grey vest with stripes. Besides that, men wear a white kerchief around their necks and a cap.  The red carnation is wore sticking out from the pocket of the vest.

The traditional Choti dances are done as all the people dance wearing their chulapas.

Where to celebrate

The main celebration of Verbena de La Paloma takes place in the Plaza de La Paja, Plaza de La Vistilla, Calle Toledo and the parish church of Verbena de La Paloma. All this merrymaking and toasting does not come to an end here. There will be other local and national festivals and carnival awaiting you every month. So don’t miss out on Madrid cause its got all the freshest entertainment for you.

Segway Trip

Out of all the fiestas mentioned above which one are you landing in Spain for?

If you’ve decided then let us move on to planning your tour. Traveling is very fun and, but it can get troublesome if you have a lot to worry about.

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What you´ll get

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They’ll provide you with the genuine information related to Madrid history and culture to truly back that reliving experience of yours. For more information, you can contact us, and we’ll get to you right away.

The Wonders in the Recreational areas of Madrid

Madrid is one of the few places in the world where spectacular resources bless the city and always attract tourists for visits.

There are many ideal areas full of entertainment, leisure and relaxation opportunities. As a result, there is always an influx of visitors to and fro such areas at different times.

Available are various features which attract such tourists coupled with management services offered in there. The following is an examination of some of the recreational areas and what they have in place for tourists and any other leisure-seekers:

Madrid Zoo Aquarium     

This mighty tourist hotspot is located in Casa de Campo. It has a lot of attractions for tourists and once they are there, most of them enjoy so much that they always go back whenever they have an opportunity. Below are the factors that make this area worthy of touring:

  • It has an amusement park; and as the statement asserts, people really amuse themselves whenever they make a visit there. Luckily enough their arrangements cater for families implying that every age group finds what is worthy for them to view.
  • The aquarium part of the park is so spectacular. You can´t miss it when you are on a visit.
  • There are over 500 different varieties of animals including big ones such as lions, bears, rhinos, giraffes and many other popular ones.
  • The pandas are the star animal attractions and they greatly thrill the visitors.

Fantastic shows

  • There are fantastic shows with dolphins and other birds from across the globe
  • The wonderful park has all the animals in the world ranging from tiny insects to big sharks, amphibians, reptiles all sorts of mammals, many other types of fish and the rest.
  • Visitors also enjoy wonderful animal shows.
  • Other than attractions, the organizational and management part of the park is also creditworthy because there is a playing area for the children, visitors have good guidance and professional staff directs every aspect to the appreciation of those who come to the area to enjoy stress-free moments.

Anyone wishing to have good time off the daily strenuous life of work will find the Madrid zoo Aquarium quite fulfilling and will go back refreshed. It has a lot to feed the mind on and usher one’s mind into a revitalized state to resume the work routine.


This is one of the biggest and attractive feature-packed parks in Madrid. It has a wonderful zoo and a great garden for visitors to feed on optically. It is greatly entertaining to family members of all ages. The following rank it highly in attracting visitors there:

  • It exploits a special approach and focuses on unique species of animals to keep. This works greatly for adventure-loving visitors and makes Faunia a must visit.
  • In its unique selection of what to show to the visitors, it has a lake with pink flamingoes – a really wonderful sight when you find them scattered in the area.
  • There also other colorful birds and odd-looking reptiles which give a lot of fun to the viewers.
  • It shelters animals from the North and South Poles in the largest reconstructed Polar Ecosystem in Europe.

A unique park

  • The focus is mainly on birds, reptiles and insects as the sources of attraction, but all uniquely identified.
  • Amusing to look at also are the colorful parrots which enjoy the park tropical rain. They are such a good sight to all the visitors whom opportunity lands in this park.
  • Then there are spectacular shows by sea lions performing in their arena. This is one of the best experiences in the park which most tourists enjoy greatly. It is a thrilling sight and quite enjoyable by people of all ages.
  • This park is unique in that it has both indoor and outdoor experiences in terms of what to show to the visitors.
  • It also avails bar and restaurant services with exterior seats.
  • Then worth mentioning is that there are specific areas for night adventures in terms of attractions.

Faunia is a great tourist ground for any one coming to Madrid to have good time as a way of relaxing the mind.

Europa Park in Torrejon de ArdozThe Wonders in the Recreational areas of Madrid

This is the largest park and recreational ground in Torrejon de Ardoz. There´s a lot of tourist attractions. It is creditworthy when it comes to what type of visitors it hosts because it is has fun packages for families, friends and any other set of humankind. It is also commendable for free entry offer as well as being open till late at night. The following are the outstanding attractions available in this place:

  • There are famous monuments which are 17 in number relating to different places in Europe as their replicas. With each replica is a description referring to the original monument. Among others are the Belem Tower, the Greek Theatre, Brandedburg Gate, Tower Bridge, the Trevi Fountain, The Eiffel Tower and many others. These are an exclusive sight that gives tourism to this place great weight.
  • Then there is a cybernetic fountain which is a sophisticated way of putting on water, light and sound in form of a show, a quite impressive sight.

History is also present

  • Not to miss viewing also is the free donation by Berlin City Hall of a fragment of the Berlin wall. It is attractive enough to look at.
  • The park is well-maintained, typical of modern Europe tourist site style.
  • It is an ideal spot for picnics owing to the availability of restaurants, a number of activities for the whole family such as a boating lake, zip wire, pony rides, trampolines and many others.
  • It offers many opportunities for an enjoyable leisure time as well as many other adventures anyone would love to enjoy in the set-aside relaxation time.

Generally, this is a great area to include in touring plans by people who wish to have a great experience in one of the Madrid hotspots for tourism.

Warner Park

A short ride from the center of Madrid aboard Renfe Trains will land you in this park. On reaching, just be ready for exciting experiences such as the following:

  • Thrilling water rides is one of the enjoyable experiences in this park.
  • It also has great photo spots for those who enjoy capturing what they experience for purposes of memory.
  • The park offers an attractive decoration and full of activities and shows.
  • There is also a special show by the police academy which is so entertaining and enjoyable.
  • Worth mentioning also is the availability of an amusement park for children and teenagers. Suitable activities are organized there for them to enjoy.

Transport available

  • Visitors there also enjoy delicious food and a variety of drinks according to one’s choice.
  • The whole tour package is very conveniently set and is inclusive of transport.
  • Their staff team is so responsible and friendly that no disappointments are experienced in dealing with them.

Warner Park has that much and more to offer. It is a nice place to tour and is that good that people of all ages are catered for. Try it and partake of that good experience.


This is yet another spectacle of Madrid. It is the biggest water park, with 12 attractions including a perfectly large green area where visitors can relax and enjoy the fresh air. It has a lovely setting and good temperatures which visitors will not curse. Its location close to Navacerrada mountain ranges is an additional advantage that places it comfortably among worthy places to tour.

The factors below are of great importance in its position as a tourist site:

  • The most outstanding of its attractions are the water rides that float the boats and are categorized as snaking flume or Black Hole which is enjoyed by the most adventurous tourists who don’t fear being in the state of unknown. It involves riding at a great speed and while submerged in the deepest darkness. However it is an enjoyment to many especially those who go with a companion.
  • The other form of boat ride is one done in the tranquility of the slow river. This is enjoyed by a certain category of people also especially those who never like madness scenes in life. They want to enjoy the ride amidst calmness.
  • Then there is the superfast ride that makes the adrenaline to shoot to the highest. This also involves some craziness and is enjoyed by those who want life that way.

A place to rest 

  • There are also zigzag slides for children and a specially prepared area for the young ones under 10 years. Activities that suit them and give them pleasure are organized so that that they get the best from their day out experience.
  • The mighty wave pool also is an impressive attraction to tourists. It gives those who bathe a satisfying experience tantamount to having bathed in the sea. Alongside this is a great beach, large in size and with a wonderful décor typical to Hawaiian sceneries. All these instill a sense of comfort and relaxation among the visitors.
  • There are sunbeds for visitors to rest on as they enjoy the warm sun rays by the waterside. All these and many more make life worthwhile in this place.
  • Foods are available as well as beverages; so there is no need to worry about that aspect because different visitors’ tastes are catered for.

You can´t miss Aquopolis when considering pleasure-giving places in Madrid. It has a lot to offer for visitors and tourists who come seeking psychological nutrition. Those who have had an opportunity to visit that park have never reversed their decision to go there again. 

Aventura Amazonia    

This is one the greatest adventure parks that tourists have enjoyed spending their leisure time in. Located among the trees, it has a lot for visitors to cherish. The features that have made it one other spots worth considering as a tour destination include the following:

  • The mountains and woodlands are great tourism assets which attract people there. There is a good number of these and they affect the climate there, meaning among other enjoyable things in this place is the good climate.
  • There is a beautiful park with trees and snow. These make it an enjoyable experience to the visitors.
  • There are also activities with rope adventure which are quite thrilling and they include zip lines and rope circuits.
  • The children’s rope circuit is quite a wonder.

Proffessional staff

  • People also enjoy swimming in natural mountain streams which gives great pleasure to adults as well as young ones. Alongside these are open air swimming pools as well. Therefore one makes a choice that rhymes with his/her preferences.
  • Those who want to enjoy a picnic experience as well as others who find pleasure in going up to tree tops are free.
  • The park can also offer places for birthday parties since there are ideal facilities for such.
  • Finally the committed, attentive and professional staff contributes to the visitors’ enjoyment of the place.

When one is identifying worthy recreational grounds to make a tour destination, this adventure park should not be left out. It has nice packages for their visitors to derive a great time from the trip.


Madrid’s fame does not rotate on just an aspect but a number of them. When it comes to recreational areas, this city is just rich! There are many spectacular sights within the city center or just outside it.

They all lie within the vicinity and moreover, the transport system is so good; considering a network of trains available, and many other transport means, which make the city areas one small village. Therefore leisure-seekers can never regret their decision once they make Madrid their dream destination for their tours.

There is a variety of attractions to enjoy in different places. There are good opportunities for families, couples, friends and any other set of humankind who want enjoy thrilling trips.

Discover the Secrets of these Historic Cities near Madrid

Sometimes one may have Madrid in mind as a dream destination for a tour, yet he or she is not sure where exactly to go.

We suggest you to discover the Secrets of these Historic Cities near Madrid.

The unasked but obvious question has the answer in the following cities which are in the neighborhood of Madrid. You are sure to enjoy the best optical nutrition as you will discover from this piece of writing.


This is an autonomous community of Castile La Mancha. It is a city and municipality which is found in Central Spain.

This city enjoys reputation as a world Heritage site. Declared by UNESCO  in 1986 due to the availability of great cultural and monumental valuables that are ideal for tourist attraction. Its fame as a place worth travelling to, rotates around the presence of the following:

Wonderfully constructed palaces, fortresses, churches, mosques and synagogues which are eye-catching wonders for someone who wants to shift his mind from the daily bothers of life and just enjoy things that are pleasing to the eyes and the mind.

An ancient city

  • It is rich in antiquities which are wonderful sights and worth visiting; the great Roman Bridge is one of them, then the Roman cave and many others.
  • There is the Great Cathedral, a large structure proudly seated on the top of a hill. It has much to present to the visitors much to their pleasure and these comprise the sparkling gold sculptures, paintings, all beautifully designed. The cathedral has a very attractive looking museum and that bell tower is awesome too.
  • There is another stunning museum; the museum of Victoria Macho which is also very good for tourists to tour. It is small and was constructed as a dedication to the local sculptor Victoria Macho. It is rich with ideal contents for visitors viewing. Its interior gallery is a great sight and its exterior gardens are a magnanimous relaxation asset for leisure-seekers.
  • The Alcazar which is a large square building is an exciting point to visit. It is artistically designed and a good stop-over spot for tourists. It looks across the river which attribute makes it more ideal for visiting.
  • The military barracks is also worth mentioning. It is an amusing sight as well and attracts the visitors’ attention.
  • Mirador del Valle is a fantastic viewing point which obliges tourist-carrying vehicles to make a stop-over for proper viewing of the city and the river; River Tajo to the pleasure of the visitors.

Toledo is a hotspot for tourism. It is an island which is surrounded by River Tajo on 3 sides making it more worthy for tourism.

It is small in size yet packed with good sights. Its size makes it good enough for one to explore on foot. It is so enjoyable at night when one is thrown into the fantasy of medieval times. Anyone on a tour in Madrid would not regret stepping out beyond the mighty city’s horizons a bit to enjoy what lies in Toledo.


This is another great one of the World Heritage cities. Lying peacefully in the outskirts of Madrid, Avila is famed far and near for its formidable medieval styled walls and structures.

The old city is well-fortified and looks awesome when viewed from a strategic point. One important foundation on which its popularity rotates is its identification with St Teresa, the patron saint of many kinds of things. A strong Roman Catholic prayer warrior who interceded for many hard-pressed people to the Holy Virgin Mary to intervene in their problems.

A number of attractions make Avila a fertile ground for tourism and these include the following:

A pilgrimage site

Los Cuatro Postes which was established after people had survived the 12th century plague, and having been noted as a spot where St Teresa stopped on her way to the South to strengthen Christianity in the Muslim community, henceforth became a visitors’ center.

Most visitors here come on religious belief grounds. Whether a believer or not, nobody does not want to be blessed.

  • Basilica de San Vicente is also a beautiful site of martyrdom of 3 Christians. It has within it the artistic decors on the pulpit, organs and martyrs cenotaph which are pleasing to the travellers’ eyes.
  • Real Monasterio de Santo Tomas is a brilliant Spanish national monument containing the beautifully designed tomb of Don Juan, the only son of Ferdinand II and Isabella I, renowned Catholic Monarchs. It is an attractive feature for visitors due to many good-looking designs inside there.
  • The Convent of Saint Teresa is another point that hosts many visitors; some with religious belief objectives and yet others for sightseeing and enjoyment motives. It is good and important enough to attract visitors there.
  • The Museum of Avila displaying ancient artisanal crafts like basket weaving and wool making and many other displays of the ancient life related to antique household, traditional attires and generally hinting on how people lived in the Golden Age. It also shows what the Muslim Crematory kiln looked like before the banning of cremation.
  • Credos Mountains are another feature available and valuable for touring. That 2500m peak is good for those to whom mountaineering is a hobby. The surrounding environment with oaks, birches and chestnut forest comprise a great fun viewing time.
  • It is also necessary to note that there is a savory cuisine prepared in the city. High protein-content delicious dishes are prepared there, stews, veal steak and enjoyable desserts are all availed to the esteemed visitors.

Avila is a place not to miss once one is perusing through and selecting places to give fun to the eyes. It is a wonderful destination for families because there are great tour packages for full families.


This recommendable tourist destination is located in Castile and Leon region not far from Madrid. It is renowned for having given shelter to a number of successive kings of Castile.

Then greatly attached to this city is the extraordinary historical monument, the Aqueduct, an admirable product of Roman engineering. Besides there are many features that make Segovia a commendable destination of tourists and other visitors.

A collection of well-conserved historical monuments

  • The general beauty of the place which make it impressive enough for touring.
  • There is a cathedral whose size and beauty announce it as a worthy place to visit for fun. This is located in Plaza Mayor. It is exquisitely designed in Renaissance Gothic style and bears a perfect museum as well in its interior.
  • The Calle Real is a street to check out; lined with a number of beautiful monuments especially palaces. They are so attractive and will undeniably instill a sense of pleasure to the tourists.
  • There is a national park as well in which there are impressive canyons along the river, then a rare sight of a large colony of vultures and many other types of birds.
  • There happens to be one of the most original castles in Spain lies here in Segovia.
  • La Ganja de san Ildefonso is a great place to visit. It is a national monument with impressive gardens that present fountains and sculptures which are admirable. It is a high status place with links to various generations of Spanish Royalty.
  • The food culture in Segovia is appreciable and dishes are suitable for multi-cultural background visitors expected there.

To crown all noted about Segovia, it is a warm place in terms of tourism and creditworthy in satisfying the visitors’ enjoyable moments they long to have when on a tour.


This city is famous as a Royal Estate. Anything to do with royalty has that power of comfort and enjoyment run after by tourists. The following are some of the strong points that make Aranjuez a worthy place to cherish one’s free time from.

Very near of Madrid

  • Having been a spring residence of Spanish Kings for over a century, it is obvious that it has an excellent outlook that enjoys full time conservation and time-to-time improvement. This implies that there are enough packages for tourists to enjoy. This is coupled with the fact that it is an ever ready ground for occasional festivals-Mariblanca. Therefore enjoying while paying a visit there is a sure deal.
  • Plaza de Toros is another great sight for tourists there. It is a magnificent building with a very high capacity of occupants. The general interior design is awesome and it has galleries as well which add to the amusement visitors attain.
  • The parks and gardens there also greatly contribute to the worthiness of the city as a tour center. There is the Isle garden which is good for relaxing in as the visitor takes a look at the bordering river and the irrigation canal. The Parterre Garden with its stunning fountains therein. It should not be left out that the presence of historical thicket, woodlands and a variety of tree species all make the place a hotspot for tourism.
  • Other spots of attraction include posh churches and convents, Charles III’s royal theatre, the Bullfighting museum and a cultural center.

All these and many others make Aranjuez pass for a tour spot and people who go there keep it bookmarked for future touring again because it loaded with amusement packages.

Alcala de Henares

This is one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Madrid. It enjoys an advantage of easy accessibility through Cercanias train system.

The life there is a great way to escape the madness experienced in the busy and crowded city of Madrid  It is an attractive place for tourists and the following are some of the exclusive features that tourists would enjoy looking at in that city:

  • Complutense University, a wonderful university of the medieval ages is an attraction in that small city. It is a depiction of originality in construction and the design generally. There is a large student population in the area which makes the city lively and gives an opportunity to make friendships.
  • There is the magnificent chapel of San Ildefonso. It´s design is marveolus and serves as a burial ground for prominent figures of the University.
  • The Magisterial Cathedral lies where the two holy children-Santos Ninor Justo and Pastor- were buried. To view in amazement are the relics of these saints, currently the city patrons and protectors. All the canons of this cathedral are university lecturers.
  • Cervantes House Museum is also a great feature to view and displays a great variety of painting collections, artifacts and many more elements of décor.
  • Finally is the Regional Archaeological Museum which is a collection center of all the archaeological remains from the whole autonomous region of Madrid. It is therefore a very absorbing and engaging sight spot for visitors and tourists generally.

Alcala de Henares is a place of substance in the aspect of attracting people from outside communities. It´s the neighborhood where people want to come and relax for a short time to rest their brains and minds. Or those from afar, who come to enjoy vacations or adventures to see new places and new things there.

Whatever category, this city is open wide enough to receive them and hand them opportunities to enjoy themselves.


The historic cities near Madrid are all highly valued because of what they are endowed with both from mother-nature and man’s own creativity.

The many features highlighted above are great tourist attractions which people have often enjoyed whenever they come along. What is common to all these cities is the availability of medieval time items which are a real wonder to people who come from places where there isn’t much concern for things of the past. To them the world of history seems to have totally closed doors and they have to seek open ones in these cities and a few more places in the world.

Thanks to Madrilenos for their effort in conserving the historical traditions and cultures to the amusement of everyone globally.

Get to know the top 10 underground bars in Madrid with a Segway

New year, new resolutions, right? As it happens every year, once Christmas is over, we start setting new goals. If you’re one of those who’s afraid of new things, this is your year! Meet new bars, new ways to move — the world is yours!

And as we want to easily move from one bar to another, why not travel conveniently with a Segway? This will save us time and sweat.

So let’s take our Segways and start pursuing all these good goals by visiting Madrid’s best underground bars.


Las Cuevas de Sandó?

Offering one of Madrid’s most sophisticated cocktail menus, this underground bar has excellent decoration with stunning stone arches, low furniture, and purple and green lighting.

Ice Bar
Boasting a self-explanatory name, this ice bar features ice sculptures, nearly frozen glasses, and glass bottles. It is without doubt one of the wackiest and smartest bars in town. Of course, you should keep yourself warm to be comfortable inside.

?Mauna Loa??

One of the quirkiest cocktail bars in the capital city, famous for its smoking “volcano” drinks. Decorated with water tanks and sugar canes, it offers a cheerful Hawaiian ambience.


Humans and animals live well together in this bar. Excellent for pet lovers.


Located inside a garage of one of the villas on the Arturo Soria street, it’s an ideal bar for rockers.


Hidden behind a secret bathroom door of the NH Collection Sweden hotel, this underground bar features velvet furniture, leopard leather rugs, and a bar that once belonged to a Parisian church.

?Yúgó, Sushi y Kobe??

The bar has the design of a Japanese World War II bunker and serves sake, beer, and other first-class beverages.


This unusual place is actually a furniture store, at least during the day. But at night, it turns into a bar where patrons can enjoy a good drink with stylish furniture and African-style decorations.

A de Arzabal

It is currently a sushi restaurant with one of the most diverse bars in town. It offers its members a sense of exclusivity and some superb cuisine.

?El Jardín Secreto de Salvador Bachiller

Hidden in the very heart of Madrid, this “secret garden” is located on the fourth floor of a Salvador Bachiller store. Designed as a tea lounge, it is surrounded by all sorts of decorative plants and vines.

All these places are easy to reach, especially if you use a Segway, which will rid you of the hassle of parking in the area and will be much faster for short distances. So head over to these bars in Madrid on your Segway and make sure to buy your El Gordo lottery ticket.

10 dream palaces to see in Madrid

If you ask yourself “what can I see in Madrid”, its palaces are a must. Singular and loaded with history, closer than ever now, especially if you move in segway.

We tell you about 10 dream palaces to see in Madrid, many of them unknown even to the people of Madrid.

Royal Palace

The most important palace. Carlos I ordered to build it after the fire that destroyed the former Alcazar. Just a step away from the Opera House and surrounded by the gardens of Campo del Moro and Sabatini Gardens, a must spot for visitors to the city.
Address: Calle de Bailén s/n.

Moncloa Palace

Originally a country house, now the President of the Government home. Meeting point of political leaders, it has undergone numerous reforms until it had to be practically reconstructed after the Civil War.
Address: Av. Puerta de Hierro, s/n.

Liria Palace

10 Palacios de ensueño para ver en Madrid
Liria Palace

In this neoclassical palace you will find the residence of the Alba House. Considered the largest private address in Madrid with more than 200 rooms. In its spectacular art collection you will see the great geniuses of painting.
Address: Calle de la Princesa, 20.

Cerralbo  Palace

In a unique setting, near the Debod Temple, the museum shows you the splendor of the nineteenth century aristocratic life. Opened to the public only a few years ago, it is one of the jewels that you can not miss in Madrid. We pass by this place daily, in our Madrid Fun and Sightseeing segway tour.
Address: Calle Ventura Rodríguez, 17.

Buenavista Palace

Today the Army Headquarters. Its origin dates back to the 16th century, when Felipe II received the Altillo de Buenavista farm as a gift. In 1769 it was acquired by the Duke of Alba and is linked to the army since 1816.
Address: Plaza Cibeles, 3.

Linares Palace

10 Palacios de ensueño para ver en Madrid
Linares Palace

The current Casa de América was at the end of the 19th century one of the most sumptuous residences. It remained closed for a long period in the twentieth century. It is known for its legends about ghosts living there.
Address: Plaza Cibeles, s/n.

Cibeles Palace

One of the most representative examples of modernist architecture in Spain. Work of the famous Antonio Palacios, it forms, with the Cibeles statue, one of the stamps that you must know. Now it is the headquarters of Madrid Mayor’s Office.

Our Parque del Retiro segway tour allows you to pass through this palace and admire its façade.
Address: Plaza Cibeles, 1.

Marqués de Salamanca Palace

In the middle of Paseo de Recoletos you will find this impressive building from the middle of the 19th century. Its beautiful garden with centenary trees also stands out. Today it is the seat of a well-known bank and its foundation, where different cultural activities are carried out.
Address: Paseo de Recoletos, 10.

10 Palacios de ensueño para ver en Madrid
Zurbano Palace

Zurbano Palace

It was the place where Fabiola de Mora y Aragón was born and lived, who would end up being known for being King Balduino of Belgium wife. The palace will amaze you by its majesty. It belongs nowadays to the Ministry of Development.
Address: Calle de Zurbano, 7.

Santoña Palace

A treasure of the sixteenth century in Huertas neighborhood. Eclectic in style after numerous renovations, the sobriety of the facade contrasts with its majestic halls. It belongs today to the Madrid Chamber of Commerce.
Address: Calle de Las Huertas, 13.

As you see Madrid has much more to know than you can believe. And using a Segway is one of the most comfortable ways to tour the city. In order that you don´t miss anything of this capital.

Visit us at Plaza San Miguel 2, if you want us to guide you on a segway through Madrid. We have many tours to offer you.

High Motors and Segway Trip

[av_one_full first min_height=” vertical_alignment=” space=” custom_margin=” margin=’0px’ padding=’0px’ border=” border_color=” radius=’0px’ background_color=” src=” background_position=’top left’ background_repeat=’no-repeat’ animation=”] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”]

Last weekend we had the privilege of being sponsors of the First Luxury engine world Hall, High Motors.

The wonderful place of Torre Loizaga Museum, once fortress of the Loizaga Garcia Ochoa lineage, has been the meeting point of prestigious automotive brands. In addition to the museum permanent 45 Rolls-Royce exhibition!

Segway Trip y High Motors

This museum in Concejuelo de Galdames, at 30 kilometers from Bilbao, recovered thanks to the efforts of the entrepreneur Miguel de la Vía, it has become one of the most important private collections of vintage and classic cars in the world. Visited by motor enthusiasts and general public, is an icon in the world of luxury vehicles.