Tours en Segway en Madrid

There is data about the segway functioning that you surely do not know.

At first glance it does not seem to be something very special. But people who have tried it say it is a totally different way to get around the city.

The inventor of this machine, Dean Kamen, had high expectations with the Segway. He said in an interview that this electric vehicle would be to the car what the car was to the horse.

Although the Segway has not yet reached these standards, it is undoubtedly an amazing vehicle. Here we can understans why its inventor thought that this machine would change the world.

Personally, I think the Segway could be compared with the iPad. Many people thought it would quickly remain outdated. But the fact is that nowadays everyone wants to have one.

The Segway was introduced by its inventor as the “first human self balancing transportation”; and when you see it in operation you understand why.

To move forward or backward, the person simply have to lean slightly forward or backward. To turn right or left, it´s necessary to turn the handlebar to the corresponding side.

This balancing is the key to its operation. The model Kamen used in its conception was the human body.
Here is why: If a standing person leans forward to almost lose balance, he won´t probably fall. The brain “knows” that he has lost balance, and then instructs the body to put one leg forward to avoid falling. If the person is leaning, the brain will think in advance ordering a leg to keep the body upright. Instead of falling, the person moves, walks.

The Segway does pretty much the same. The difference is that the segway has wheels instead of legs, a motor instead of muscles, a group of microprocessors instead of brain. Like the brain, the Segway knows when the person bends. And for keeping the balance, it moves the wheels at the right speed, so that the machine could circulate.

Now you will surely see this electric vehicle with more admiration than before, right?

And remember that always behind a great vehicle, there is a great “brain”.

Something interesting about the segway
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